Three valuable tips when crossing the Mexican border by Car


Mexico is a beautiful tourist destination in the world. It is boarded with Guatemala, Belize, and United States. It has nearly more than 120 million of population. The official language of this country is Spanish, but it has over 66 Indian languages. The reason for the famous among tourists in this country is delicious foods, ancient temples, beautiful beaches, chocolates, special festivals (day of the death), Mariachi band and Cathedrals. Now Mexico is unlocking for the world, also during this Covid pandemic they didn’t ask for negative PCR from you. Driving in the U.S to Mexico is allowed but you need to show the required document. That is an advantage. When you are crossing the Mexican border by car, there are important facts to be considered. These facts are helped you to ready for the best journey.

crossing the mexican border by car

1. Prepare required all documents.

First of all, check whether you have an updated valid passport. And also, American needs to present their valid passport at the border. All visitors are required to get Mexico tourist Visa or permit. the national institute of immigration has required authorities to enter, stay and leave Mexico in the people.

If you have to plan to carry your pet with you have to prepare the required document for it. If your pet is older than three months you have to prepare the document.

2. Valid Registration for the car

The most important point is the traveling method. While your travels in Mexico should be considering the assault and robberies. Here, taxis are not registered in any organization. Therefore, the best method is to rent a car or travel using your vehicle.

If you cross using a car you have to get the necessary permission and registration from Banjercito. Banjercito is a government authority that is issuing a vehicle permit. If you have to plan beyond the permit-free zone, which is the area of your travel is exceeding 16miles you need to take Mexican temporary vehicle import permission (TIP).

You should follow the below steps to obtain TIP.

  1. Pay permit fee -You can check the payment fee from Banjercito official website. It depends on the vehicle type. The permit fee for the car is $44.
  2. Refundable Deposit – this depends on the year of the vehicle. Sometimes the refundable cost is higher than the permit fee.
  3. Submit auto registration slip or pink slip.
  4. Submit resident alien card, records of naturalization, or passport.
  5. Home address submission.
  6. Submit vehicle NIC no.
  7. Travel duration with the dates.

If your car is a rental or leased vehicle you have to do additional paper works. You can find out all the necessary details from Banjercito’s official website.

crossing the mexican border by car

3. Plan your trip 

Mexico is one of the beautiful countries in the world, but the roads are not that much comfortable. Therefore, traveling in Mexico is so difficult. For a good travel experience, you need to have a good plan.

When crossing the Mexican border by car, at the Mexico and United States borders, you have to face a check. You can see the color light above the lane. If your light is green, you can enter the Mexica. If your light is red you have to park and face a few questions which Mexican custom asks from you or until they finish about you and your car.

Care about the road signs and safety

On some roads, roads signs are missing. In here we can see some road signs which written in hands. Also, care about the road topes. (Speed bumpers). Topes can be found out in the main towns and cities. But some topes can’t identify. But sometimes there aren’t road signs. Therefore, the better advice is to avoid driving at night. Unlike the other countries, it is the same kind of road signs to overtake and turn.

We must identify the correct road sign before doing. Because of the bad road condition, we have to expect delay which is duration mentioned in the google map. If you will have to face a breakdown at the night, lock your doors and try to sleep. Wait until the morning. driving while under the influence and being drunk are prohibited. If you have to face that kind of situation you can get help from Cuota. Cuota is a person who is an expert in driving in Mexico. But they are much expensive.

Better to follow the following steps when you wish to carry your pet.

  • In Mexico, food supplies are much expensive than in the U.S. but the worst thing is some food in Mexico does not cope with the pets. Therefore, it is better to carry food items with you when crossing the mexican border by your car.
  • There is a maximum number of pets you can carry to Mexico. In currently you can have to carry two cats or two dogs. If your need is differing from that you have to contact the Mexican embassy or consulate to get more information.
  • You must bring their health reports on hand.

To avoid any problem from US custom…

  • The maximum value of the items you can bring to the US is 200$. Anything over than that you have to pay tax.
  • The person who is over 21 years, can bring 1Leateer of alcohol. If more than that you have to pay taxes.
  • If you bring Steroids (a kind of medicine) you have to show American Prescription.
  • No Switchable Kinfe.
  • Not allowed to bring so many fruits and cloths, purse, shoes, boots, and wallets which made by dangerous species.

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