mexico border crossing requirements 2021

Mexico Border Crossing Requirements 2021 You Should Know

mexico border crossing requirements 2021

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government of Mexico decided to introduce some travel restrictions across their country’s borders. So, if you are willing to travel to Mexico in 2021 there are some Mexico border crossing requirements you should know. Furthermore, the Mexican government says that those travel restrictions may result in some consequences like family visits delaying, a drop in the tourism industry of the country, reducing the number of visitors to local restaurants and tourist attraction places, and many more. Beginning from this month Mexico is going to take the initial steps toward reopening the border to cross-border passengers with proper paperwork.

Foreign people entering Mexico through their land border crossings for non-essential purposes, such as visiting friends or family or for tourism, will be required to be completely vaccinated beginning from this month. So, all the travels should be ready to confirm their vaccination status and also to show their vaccination proof to any CBP officer if required.

As the vaccination proof, both paper and digital documents will be accepted and any vaccine certified by the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization is premised. But within the next couple of months, Mexico will ask all the people who are crossing the Mexican border to be fully vaccinated. So, from this article, we are going to inform you about the Mexico border crossing requirements you should know in 2021.


Is it easy to travel to Mexico in 2021?

It is simple to travel yet, even though the Mexican government has established several Mexico travel limitations for visitors to adhere to. But, we all know that going abroad during a pandemic may be somewhat complicated than before because of the global health condition. What you need to cross the Mexican border. To enjoy the greatest experience when visiting Mexico, all visitors must regularly check for official updates on COVID-19 in Mexico. So, that is why we are informing you about the Mexico border crossing requirements you should know in 2021.

Mexico Border Crossing Requirements in 2021

1. Covid Testing

There are PCR and antigen testing facilities available in Mexico but they are not essential to cross the border of Mexico. Most of the laboratories, hospitals, and clinics are offering tests in preparation for your return journey. Depending on the speed of the test results and location, starting from MXN 920 the testing prices run up to MXN 4500. If you don’t have any idea of where to do the tests, you can contact your travel provider or your hotel to guide you.

But, if your body shows the major symptoms of Covid-19 during the arrival at the Mexico airport, you will have to get quarantined under the guide of the international Health Team. All the passengers are asked to fill out a health questionary when they arrive at the airport in Mexico.

2. Vaccines

The second Mexican border crossing requirement in 2021 is being fully vaccinated. AstraZeneca, CanSino, COVAX, Pfizer, and Sputnik V are the vaccines accepted by Mexico. So, Mexico is reopened only for the visitors who have been fully vaccinated with WHO (World Health Organization) approved vaccines mentioned above. The Mexican government says that any of the tourists who haven’t been fully vaccinated or who have taken only one dose of the vaccine are not allowed to cross the Mexico binderies. To prove that you are fully vaccinated, you must show the relevant documents in order to cross the Mexican boundaries.

3. Visas

Having a visa is not compulsory if you are visiting Mexico as a tourist. But instead of that, you need to fill an immigration form and keep it with you before arriving in Mexico. These immigration forms are available online in advance from the National Institute of Immigration website or you’ll be provided with the form when you arrive at the airport.

Still, there may not be an immigration officer at the entrance, if you are crossing the border of Mexico from the United Kingdom. However, you’ll need to search for the nearest immigration office and clear your immigration status before you continue your trip into Mexico, If not. The immigration office is generally located near the border area, and customs officers at the border will tell you where to find it. If you do not clear immigration at this time, it is frequently more difficult to do so once you have left the border region.

4. Proof of accommodation and onward travel

Before allowing you to enter Mexico, immigration officers at the point of entry may request documentation of your departure preparations from Mexico. They may also need documentation of your booked lodging as well as finances to cover your expected stay in Mexico.

If you are visiting because of someone’s invitation or If you are asked to stay in someone’s house, immigration authorities may additionally need a “letter of invitation” from the person you are visiting. For that letter you have to include the information such as your full name, the reason for visiting Mexico, the full name of the house owner where you are supposing to stay, his/her contact number and the permanent address. This is the last Mexico border crossing requirement in 2021 you should know.

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