Vivero-Milagros is right on the highway in nearby Huay Pix and offers an excellent selection of ornamentals, fruit trees, palms, flowering plants, different species of bamboo, grass/sod, stones and terracotta and artisan pots. Licensed landscape designers offering solutions for small and large gardens, parks, and green space as well as support for homeowners wanting to design, develop, control pests, and maintain traditional gardens as well as roof-top, pot, terrace, and ocean-front gardens. Visit Vivero Milagros – Huay Pix for more info; call 983 138-5713 to arrange a visit.


Looking for someone you can trust to build a new house or to remodel an old one, construct a lovely rock drive, flower garden, dock, bodega, palapa or just about any project? Contact Construcción de Casas – a local operation, run by Nicolas Koyoc Chuc, offering construction services including plumbing and wiring. For information or quote, call Nico at 983 117-8150 — Spanish only!