the yak lake house bacalar Mexico

5 Best Things In The Yak Lake House Bacalar Mexico

the yak lake house bacalar Mexico

Are you looking planning to visit Bacalar and looking for a beautiful place to stay near the lagoons? Then this article is for you. The Yak Lake House is the most appropriate place to stay in Bacalar. This is built on the water surface and has a magnificent view. The Yak Lake House in Bacalar includes swimming pools that run out into the lagoon and provide a spectacular view of the dawn. Furthermore, the Yak Lake House is positioned directly across the lagoon from the Pirate Cove. That’s why you must have to spend some time in this peaceful paradise. if you are hoping to explore the lagoons the Lake House facilitates you with boat rides also.

The Yak Lake House is situated near the lagoon and it’s only two minutes from the St. Felipe Fort Museum and city center. With private bathrooms, the Yak Lakehouse in Bacalar provides you with both private and shared rooms which have private bathrooms according to your preference. To make you feel comfortable, every room has fans and air conditioners with Wi-Fi everywhere in the accommodation. So, you can keep connections with the outside society even when you are in relaxation mode also. So, from this article, let’s see some more information about this Yak Lake House in Bacalar.

What are the 5 best things in the Yak Lake House Bacalar Mexico?

1. Comfortable rooms

The Yak Lake House Bacalar allows you to choose a bedroom according to your preference. there are both individual and shared bedrooms available there. All the dorm rooms have a bathroom for each room and an outlet with a reading light on each bed. All the rooms are air-conditioned and you can experience an incredible view of the lake of seven colors. Guests are facilitated with free wi-fi in anywhere of the accommodation so that there will be no interruptions to be connected with the outside society.

When talking about the terms and conditions of the Yak Lake House, they don’t accept credit cards so remember to keep cash with you when going there. You can do reservations with your credit cards but 3% of your total payment will be added to your bill. Guests are prohibited to use any kind of drugs inside their rooms or bring any kind of alcohol to the hostel. Yak Lake House room booking

2. Bar and activities


the yak lake house bacalar Mexico

When further talking about the thing in Yak Lake House Bacalar Mexico, this is more than just a place to sleep. In this amazing place, there is a big nightclub, a bar, and a sun deck. You must have a visit to the bar to enjoy a free welcome drink and join their daily activities. This facility is a very good chance for the visitors in Yak Lake House to meet new friends and explore different places in Mexico. You can celebrate birthday parties or any other celebrations with the crew.

The staff in the bar arrange fun activities for the guests and those activities are change from week to week. The theme of the games in each day will be,

  • Monday – Guacamole Lesson,
  • Tuesday – Sunrise Yoga & Bonanza Lagoon,
  • Wednesday – Market Day & Lagoon Sunset DJ,
  • Thursday – Sunrise Yoga & Bonfire with Live Music,
  • Friday – Drinking Games,
  • Saturday – Mojito Lesson
  • Sunday – Kayak Sunset.

3. Tours

Yak Lake House Bacalar offers the below tours for you

Imagine ending your day with a paddleboat trip around the Bacalar lagoon, where you can watch the sunset while enjoying the peace of floating on the calm water. This is the third best thing to do in In Yak Lake House Bacalar Mexico. If you don’t feel like working out in the morning, you can try the sunset tour in Lake House and become a paddleboard pro. Sounds interesting right?

Sunrise/sunset sup tours by what sup Bacalar

Water sports & boat tours by the Gaia experience

want to try something adventurous or take on a challenge? Then visit Yak Lake House for wakeboarding, cruise around on a jet ski and try yourself not to fall off the tube. You can join with the Lake house’s daily boat tours to experience these new activities.

Sailing Tours by Whatsup Bacalar

you can go for a sailing tour if you are willing to enjoy the beauty of the lagoon peacefully. Furthermore, if you are seeking a romantic tour, you can book a private tour or a full midnight tour.

4. Common Spaces

There is a large kitchen in downstairs for the guests and a seating area where the guests can relax. So, the guests have full access to the kitchen and can store their food in the fridge. That area consists of eight sections for cooking the meals, eating, and preparing their meals for the guests. Including the breakfast, a welcome drink is given to all the guests.

5. Amazing location

Another special thing about the Yak Lake House in Bacalar Mexico is the spectacular location. Yak Lake House is located directly on the Bacalar lagoon and has an incredible view of nature that will make you never want to leave this place. As mentioned before, a spectacular view of the lakes of seven colors can be seen from the balconies of every room. 

So, if you are planning to have a visit to Bacalar and looking for a place to stay, the Yak Lake House in Bacalar is the most appropriate place in all aspects. The Yak Lake House contact.

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