5 Best Tours in Bacalar Mexico

Bacalar is a long, narrow lagoon in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It is 42kms long from north to south and less than 2kms wide at its widest point. The lagoon is known for its vibrant blue colour and crystal clear water, which is due in part to the fact that it, like most bodies of water in Yucatan, has a white limestone floor. Below we’ll go through the top 5, best tours in Bacalar, Mexico.

1.     Catamaran Sailing Tour

At Bacalar, life is amazing on a sailing boat as you can enjoy one of the best tours in Bacalar, Mexico. On a catamaran tour, enjoy the wind and experience the seven colours of this lovely lagoon in one of the most environmentally responsible methods this resort has to offer. On these gorgeous boats, enjoy the navigation and the breeze. During the cruise, you will be able to see the lagoon’s various tones. Prepare to see a variety of rare species as well as the little islands that make up this wonderful location. Have a good time with our staff and remember the historical significance of the Bacalar sailing excursion. This includes a cruise aboard a Hobie Cat catamaran that lasts 3 to 4 hours depending on the wind. Tourists are given a plate of fresh fruits from the region to help them re-energize.

Travellers will have the opportunity to go and discover this watery paradise known as the Maldives of Mexico on this voyage. Tourists know virtually little about this place; marvel at its history as a major town ravaged by pirates. Tourists are recommended to bring a towel and suitable clothing to swim in the captivating waters and participate in one of the best tours in Bacalar, Mexico.

2.       Monohull Sailing Tour

At Bacalar, life is better on a sailing boat. On a Monohull sailing boat, one of the most wonderful ways to see this area is to enjoy the breeze and explore the seven colours of this magnificent lagoon. On these gorgeous boats, tourists may enjoy the navigation and the wind. During the excursion, they will be able to examine the various tones of this lagoon, as well as the various endemic birds and little islands that make up this wonderful place. This Bacalar sailing cruise is also historically significant and one of the best tours in Bacalar, Mexico.

3.       Clear Kayak Tour

You’ll be able to witness the sunrise from the other side of the Bacalar lagoon while rowing on these amazing Bacalar clear kayak tours, while experiencing one of the best tours in Bacalar, Mexico. This tour is perfect for you if you enjoy exercising to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Exercise and refuel with one of the most breathtaking sights while doing one of the best tours in the Bacalar lagoon.

To make the vacation more fun, row these clear kayaks with your friends or family. The kayak excursion should be started very early in the morning when the water is calm and there are no waves to interfere with the action. Kayakers can paddle to the opposite side of the lagoon to see the dawn which is one of the best tours in Bacalar, Mexico. Tourists are guided through the most photogenic places by tour guides. There’s no need to be concerned if travellers don’t have a camera with them to record the beauty of the kayak tour because tour guides will take care of everything.

4.       Private Boat Tour

Private boats are available that are both comfortable and sporty. Tourists can cruise in style at Bacalar, viewing the lagoon’s distinctive colours while listening to wonderful music and having a cooler for their drinks. A 3-hour luxury boat trip in Bacalar will provide you with a unique experience that you have never had before. In one of the best tours in Bacalar, Mexico, you may even go swimming to make your vacation even more memorable.

5.       Paddle Tour in Los Rapidos

Nature, mangroves, stromatolites, and pure, clear water surround the stand-up paddle tour in which is one of the best tours in Bacalar, Mexico. A beautiful tour to witness the sunrise and connect with yourself while meeting the rapids on a paddleboard, without the crowds or the noise, is without a doubt the ideal way to start your day. While paddling for about 5kms across crystal clear and peaceful waters, take in the sunrise and the tranquillity of the location. This stand up paddle trip does not require any prior expertise. Tourists will be able to see the diverse tones of the lagoon as well as a large group of stromatolites during the excursion. The paddle tour in Los Rapidos is an important tour to take if you wish to experience one of the best tours in Bacalar, Mexico.

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