3 Recommended Medication To Take Before Traveling to Mexico

medication to take before traveling to mexico

Mexico is an incredible country to visit with beached sides, ancient ruins, fascinating culture, rain forests, and extremely delectable street foods. With free visas for some nations, Mexico is still open for tourists even in the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, we will discuss what medication to take before traveling to Mexico.

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If you are planning to visit Mexico, other than food, clothes, and cash there is another important thing you should take with you. Imagine having a sudden headache or bug bite-like thing in a foreign nation and you don’t have medicines with you to cure the pain. So, the other essential thing you need to take with you is medication. Make sure to make some space in your suitcases for the essential medications for your safety. But, if you are still wondering what medication to take before traveling to Mexico, this article will surely help you with that.

medication to take before traveling to mexico

List of medications to take before traveling to Mexico

1. Mild pain reliever

When being seated on the flight for hours, when dragging the luggage everywhere in the airport and when walking long distances around Mexico City, you may get cramps. So, among the medication to take before traveling to Mexico, these pain relievers are in the first place. It’s better if you are able to take ‘’paracetamol’’ like tablets for headaches. Tablets like ‘’ Motrin’’ which help in reducing wound swelling and sudden menstrual cramps. But, keep in mind that if you use more than the recommended dose per time, these medicines will badly affect your liver and kidneys.

2. A cream for bug bites (Hydrocortisone cream)

Mexico is famous for its’ high mountain ranges and deep canyons at the center of the city. Most of the people visit there mainly for hiking and to visit the crayons. So, if you are also having an idea of going hiking in Mexico, having a cream to prevent bug bites is a must. This ‘’Hydrocortisone’’ cream is good for bug bites as it can be used to heel and relieve itching caused by bug bites and for skin rashes as well.

3. Common-cold remedies (Mucinex / paracetamol)

When we move to another country, it takes some time to adapt our body to the climate of the specific country. So, you may have to face illnesses like the common cold while adapting your body to the climate of that country. As the common cold is spreading like a virus there is no unique treatment for it. Antibiotics are useless against it. But luckily, there are some medications available in pharmacies that can reduce the symptoms and make you feel.

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